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The sudden occurrence of the COVID-19 (CoronaVirus) pandemic, took the world aback, and Africa was caught unawares as usual. The demands for social distancing and others met Africa in the cross-roads and we simply asked ourselves, a specific question in the area of Education; what will the students do? How will they continue to learn when African countries cannot boast of advanced systems through which students could comfortably pursue their studies online, meet their teachers and carry on with their academic work unperturbed. And so we set out to answer this challenge in Education and so came up with this project not only to solve the urgency of now, but to put up a stable system for the future. This is how the idea of the Ubuntu Online University Project was born in the remote village of Mattmar in Sweden. It is a project not only for Africa, but for Africans all over the world and indeed for anyone anywhere in the world.

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“Africa now has one of the most robust Learning Management Systems that will be able to answer a great variety of the educational needs of diverse higher institutions of learning in the foreseeable future.”

Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA – Founder


We are just a concerned group of educational enthusiasts worried about the future of learning in Africa. We are just a vibrant group of instructors, concerned about the quality of what African students learn. We are just a diverse group of educationists interested in the future of learning in Africa. African countries, as usual are hardly ever prepared for any pandemics. This unpreparedness cannot be left to continuously affect the educational sector as if politics were all and all of life in Africa. So we are anxious to place before Africa and African governments, a ready-made system to which they can always fall back, in which case we are aware that we have to take into consideration the needs and urgencies of the now and the exigencies of the future. All of these can be seen in the carefully crafted system that we now offer to Africa.


Our work is simple. We have just put in place a robust system that is capable of handling all forms of  educational resources and facilities. Two serious aspects come into play in this system namely stored courses and live courses. 

Our work therefore is to educate the educators on how to maximize their use of this system that is ready for use out of the box. We accompany the instructors in our quest to have only the best course contents on this platform. We accompany the instructors to be sure that all the needs of live classes held on our platform are both satisfied and supplied to make sure that they have an unforgettable educational experience. Our commitments of quality assurance, leveraging of only the best contents cannot be emphasised enough.

Meet Our Team

Meet the real faces behind this robust project. Meet the educational enthusiasts that will not rest until the African Student has gotten all his educational needs satisfied by our platform.