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Apply As Instructor And Make a Great Contribution in shaping the future of Education in Africa.

Our Instructors are the key to the quality of the content we have published on our Educational Learning Platform. They are the brain behind the great quality content. They are the anchor for the future of education in Africa. Our platform would not have realized this ground-breaking success if the instructors were not there to upload the best quality courses that will go a long way to shape academic thinking in Africa. Because of this high quality content, we are proud to say that anyone from anywhere in the world can benefit from our courses. These are world-class courses that will apply not only in Africa but anywhere. Register if you are sure you will contribute just the high quality content needed for such a robust and next-generation platform. 

How to become An Instructor with us

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A lot of Lecturers across Africa want to immediately engage in posting courses. This approach is actually misleading. It is very necessary if we guide you to learn the basics.

It is actually very simple to Register as Instructor. So follow the simple instructions on the left, and in a minute you will be done.

Do you have great educative content that you would like to share with Africa, not just for the gain of it, but for the sake of the duty we all have to educated Africa.

A proper orientation at the beginning is an absolute necessity for a great experience as Instruction on this robust platform.
Take you time to study the Instructor Terms and Conditions in order to have a great educative experience with our platform.

We have actually taken time to lay out in great details, the Terms and Conditions for being an Instructor with us. This is done in order to maintain, the standards of the course contents, the relationship of the Instructor with our Service, and a great rewarding experience both with the students and with the contents itself.

These modalities for setting becoming Instructor are geared also towards greater remunerative guarantees and confidentiality, and security of content. A great number of issues and Frequently Asked Questions about becoming Instructor are handled in that special page.
The Courses are uploaded in various formats. This is the great advantage of the platform we have prepared out of the box. The platform is able to handle a great variety of formats such as PDF, .docx, picture formats, powerpoint presentations, videos etc.

It is of importance that our Instructors follow our directives, on how to prepare the courses, what format you want to upload and how to have access to your own instructor Back Office in order to be able to prepare and upload quality content. It all begins with basic Registration on the Platform, then Registration as Instructor and then the rest follows in an extremely simple manner.