Assisting Governments & Public Services to Leverage in an environment of high Competitiveness.

The Ubuntu Online University Project is designed to help governments and public services in various African countries to gain a competitive edge in providing in-demand skills and learning paths to new jobs for the entire workforce.

        The Ubuntu Online University Project helps governments and public services to gain a competitive edge by providing in-demand skills and learning paths to new jobs for the entire workforce. With content from global thought leaders and experience implementing national learning programs, The Ubuntu Online University Project is a trusted partner for skills transformation.

        A lot of governments and public institutions in Africa are in need of proper ongoing training in order to meet up with the kind of professionalism that is required to run public offices. A lot of the mediocrity in African government institutions are due to lack of proper orientation, and so there is a dire need to train proper public figures who will be able to leverage in most of African government institutions. Everything does not need to be politicized, yet with a thorough training and education in public office, the African countries can produce worthy leaders capable of leading African emerging democracies in the right path.

            The Ubuntu Online University Project is tailoring the required courses in order to reinforce the capacities of public figures in Africa. Governments, if they must render the required services to their people need serious and radical training to be able to leverage in the proper way.

Ubuntu LMS Addresses SIX Essential Components in the Education Public Service Agents!

Continuous Education

The Government sector in Africa is sometimes smacked by untold mediocrity. There is a need for continuous Education of Government agents and our Project fulfills this need through various tailored courses.

Professionalism in Service

Our courses are specifically tailored to satisfy the needs of professionalism. A lot of government agents and employees are in dire need of proper education and training to become real professionals.

Exceptional Leadership

In order to be relevant, government agents are required to be exceptional leaders and this is lacking in most public services. the Ubuntu Educational Project delivers this component right out of the box.

Exceptional Performance

Well trained government agents naturally leverage exceptional performance. This is a requirement that will benefit most public services. Governments in Africa can outgrow present mediocrities if they will follow the professional courses we offer on our platform.

Exceptional Quality of Service

Exceptional performance is closely linked to exceptional quality of service. A lot of arrogance in public service will be tempered by mature, professional education offered by the Ubuntu Educational Project. Public Services in Africa lack the required Quality of Service to serve their citizens.

Strategic Development

Strategic Development, leads to preparedness for future eventualities so that in times of crises, pandemics etc. Public Agents would have been ready for the future. Forward thinking strategies are a necessity for future preparedness. Those governments that benefit from our LMS are prepared for the future.

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